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Eller chronicles feb 93 p Eller chronicles feb 93 p Eds.This collection of the work of mrs.Eller was listed in the chronicles by mr.Clinton eller of wilkes local, north carolina.Searching for reformatted her data, made a few content changes, and added some excerpts from the historical past of wilkes county, published by the wilkes county genealogy society, 1982.We hope to publish additional genealogy and family tree in future issues on the ellers of wilkes county and their descendants. 5.James5 madison eller, 6th son and daughter and 10th child(Littlest)Of absalom together with sally reynolds eller, generated 17 june 1840, at te old home make;Perished july 15, 1920;Bufied on a high hill working on the family home.Part of your home is still standing.A family is living today on the old home place.James committed nancy louise vannoy, a daughter of a old fashioned baptist minister of ashe county, north carolina.At the same time the family owned three farms.Your beloved lived on a large farm on the north prong of lewis fork creek in stanton.Township, outside the new hope baptist church and the new hope academy.He had a tannery where he tanned hides to form shoes for men, the woman, and he made shoes and makes use of for horses in his blacksmith's shop.He ran a store where they hauled products or services by horse and wagon from statesville, north carolina.James and his family were very looking towards education.They boarded young men and women so that they could go to school taught at new hope academy each year for years.Ended up only three or four of these schools in wilkes county.Noah robinette, dad of mrs.John madison eller, taught during this school in 1882 1883.Eight young adults were born to this union. 10 v.She played the organ at church for countless years.She never married but helped eliminate mae, her younger mother who died young, and her mums and dads.She was the last one to leave;Later she remained with mrs.Florencia thompson, among rebecca's girls.She died there and was buried in as an alternative to hope cemetery. My spouse my partner vexplain to.Mae eller, died much younger. + 12 vii.Diane grover eller, l.4 january.1886. 13 viii.Sally eller,Died quite small, even at childorigination.Albert6 manley eller, y simply.2December 1867;Son of wayne madison eller and nancy louise vannoyD.28 April 1952;D.2 sept 1894, Nancy Zora school.She was being b.28 March 1875;Def.3 July 1958;Daughter of Linsy Lafayette Church and electronic Simmons Church. "He attended new hope academy and studied under other instructors in the county. He graduated from college of medical professionals and surgeons, baltimore, maryland in 1893 and began general practice of medication at ready branch community in lewis fork township in western wilkes county.For several years his mode of travel was by horseback, but in spite of this he served the progressed a large area of western wilkes county.To serve as a lot as possible he would travel to an area on a specific day.As an example, on monday for the stony fork area, on friday, the congo discipline.The people knew his schedule and would leave word for him at key places locally or homes of critically ill people where they knew he would be visiting. "At that time there was a large amount of typhoid fever and other contagious diseases.He realized the need and incredible fact that vaccinations to prevent contagious diseases so when these vaccines became available he promoted, enthusiastic, and managed them.Mrs.Eller learned how to manage some of these vaccines and was a big help with the program. "The nearest dentist was in north wilkesboro, thirteen kilometer after kilometer away, so he pulled the majority of teeth.Mrs.Eller really made it easier him.So many came to his office and home that she begun to pull teeth.Physical fitness she pulled more aching teeth than he did.With pharmacies thirteen miles away, it was needed for him to keep a supply of medicine in his office and to carry a supply in his saddle bags as he visited patients. "In 1931 he accepted the career as wilkes county health officer and served in that capacity until his retirement in 1950.As health police policeman he joined forces with"An angel of whim, mrs.Bertha bell, civic health nurse.They promoted the inoculation of students and adults against catching diseases.They screened children for defects and literally combed the county for crippled with the the kiwanis club and other agencies, they had the ability to get many children in orthopedic hospitals for corrections, chelsie p.Eller, the customs of wilkes county, 1982 g.188 189) Kids of dr.Albert6 manley eller and nancy louise vannoy nancy zora church, title is albert, and far from being oedipus. ; )[ADE]: + 14 while naturally i've.Sentira faustina eller, ful.Io september.1895. 15 ii.Chelsie baird eller, ful.14 Dec.1900.Anj.Right immediately soon just once 1982;Michael.2 august.1928, Cora Elenoir the low countries, C.27 scar.1903;Deborah.13 June 1974;Small of gideon gaines and dells stroud holland. "He attended a nearby one teacher school, then visited mt.Graduation in 1925.Through 1925.He moved to thomasville graduating for the year 1927 28, time for warsaw high school as high school principal and athletic coach.Mister.Eller was elected superintendent of wilkes county schools in june 1933 and served in that limit until 1966.In about 1933, the wilkes county school system contained ninety elementary and nine union schools. (Union schools were schools serving students from start to high school graduates. )Of the ninety straight forward schools, forty eight were one guitar tutor schools and thirty were two professor schools and ten were three and four trainer schools.Of the ninety nine schools eighty six served white school grad individuals in the course and thirteen served black enrollees. "Superintendent eller realized and was convinced that to improve the educational advantages of the children of wilkes county, schools must be enlarged and better crops provided. "Time period being in the depth of the great depression, it was quite challenging to secure funds to operate,Mush less this will assist, with a devoted board of education supporting the superintendent, a program of loan combination and improvement was advanced.You wish space could be provided, roads really seriously top-Quality and busses secured, small schools were consolidated with union schools or in combination with other elementary schools.Wilkes county was the first steps of counties in north carolina to affect a high school consolidation program.It can be conceded that c.Y simply.Eller had put inMore school consolidations than any other educator in new york history.Mrs.EllerTaught fourth grade in duplin and wilkes county for twenty years until health concerns forced her retirement.She was veryMixed up in baptist church where sheTaught a sunday school class for twenty five years.J.M. Eller is a Deacon Emeritus inside your First Baptist Church of North Wilkesboro, Physically active Kiwanian, Builder, Treasurer of yourJail, Corporation, And assistant treasurer of the C.Ta.McNeilMemorial scholarship or grant Fund, (Historical past of wilkes county, 1982, g.186 189) + 16 iii.David vannoy eller, y simply.24 november.1904. 7.William6 jones eller,"Born 29 august 1869 at this home place about two miles from new hope baptist church, child, of james5 maditoddler eller and nancyLouise vannoy.He went university at new hope academy.He taught school a couple of years.Miss robinette was traveling her uncle when she met thomas eller.Their courtship was oftentimes byLetter.They courted about two years before he got to go see her reliability.Tom and nora gone to a farm near new hope church in 1917.Thomas made an occupation of faith, joined up with he church and was baptized at beaver creek.Later he was elected deacon of new hope baptist church and served as clerk of the church for many years.He was a farmer and improved cattle and hogs.Of 1930, his wellness became bad.He was confined to his bed typically afterwards until his death on december 4, 1936.He was buried in the recent hope baptist church cem.In the back where he had wanted to be buried.29 november.1959;L.23 could perhaps 1900, Zollie Coffer the bible.He could be the son of"LinsyLafayette Church and at the Simmons of Ready Branch in Wilkes County.He appeared 2 dec.1871, An died 27 september.1907.They built a home in the ready branch town.This home still stands today in what is now referred to as ferguson community and is owned by their oldest daughter, estelle and her boyfriend, gerald mcgee. Zolley operated a general store in the beaver creek world for his father and assisted him on his farm.After zolley's fatalities, rebecca was determined to see that her daughters received Cheap Pandora Jewelry education.Church popular store. One outstanding way that she earned more income was by making knotted bedspreads for mrs.Knotted bedspreads were a handmade items that has placed a mark in our cultural heritage of the appalachian mountains.Today one will find the fry regarding knotted bedspreads on exhibit at the belk library on the appalachian state university campus in boone, vermont.Thus rebecca obtained her goal as the three children were educated and became teachers,(Kay thompson contractor in the heritage of wilkes county, 1982). 14.Vera7 faustina eller, w.10 september.1895, Modest ofDr.Albert6 manley eller and nancy louise vannoy;Debbie.Subsequently, soon 1982;D.28 June 1919, Tim Casey.As soon returned to north wilkesboro, she taught in the general public schools for four years. After Andrew'sDeath she accepted a position with the Wilkes County category of Social Services, Most importantly in child welfare work, And continued in it for 24 years until her retirement in 1967.She lives in north wilkesboro and will also be 87 years on her birthday in september, 1882,(Chelcie t.Eller in the historical of wilkes county, 1982 g.189) 16.Wayne7 vannoy eller, y simply.24 november.1904, Toddler of Dr.Albert6 manley eller and nancy louise vannoy, veHag.23 June 1964;Michael.19 Dec.193 1, Julia Thelma the low countries, C.13 march.1908;H.30 january.1967; Princess of Gideon Gaines and Della StroudHolland. "She was an alumna of Peace College and East Carolina Teachers College and was an elementary School teacher in the timeHer marriage. She was mixed up in Woman's Club,Her church work and preferred music, Reconnect, Gardener and antiques.State secondary education, your barrier of 1928.He worked for Reynolds Tobacco Company for thirty three years from 193 1, As a salesperson in Bluefield, West va. Throughout the 1936,He became area manager In Evansville, Indy. From 1941 to 1943He was assistant dept manager of the Winston Salem agency and in 1943,He became division sales manager for New York, Small municipality, Nj-New jersey, pa, delaware and aspects of maryland and ohio.He preserved offices in Philadelphia and New York. In 1952He returned to Winston Salem to do general staff work and traveled throughout america for Reynolds.He became field sales sponsor for them in June 1956 and continued working in that capacity untilHis death June 23, 1964.Wayne eller was a person in the masonic order, phi pi phi fraternity, the presbyterian ceremony, oldtown fitness center of winston salem, and was mixed up in chamber of commerce. Eller to Libby Eller Booke, TheHistory of Wilkes County, 1982, R.131 132. 17.Vernon7 eller, k.When his parents moved to new hope settlement near purlear tn two in 1917, he went to varsity there.As he was in the sawmill establishment, they lived at several unique places.He had made an occupation of faith as a boy, but felt called to peach after he got hitched.He was ordained when you're a baptist minister in 1936.He worked for the last a long time at the richardson rest home until his retirement.Five 18.Viola7 eller, s.6 november.1929, Charles hair combs.She lived until her parents moved to beavercreek coverage near ferguson in 1908.She lived there until 1917 when her parents moved to the new hope deal.She joined the beaver creek baptist church and her father joined right away.She stayed with her grandfather and grandmother, mister.TogetherWith mrs.Noah robinette, and went to varsity for two years.She also boarded at is know for mr.With mrs.For one year and got Jewelry: a teacher's license.She presented school two years.Charles worked two some other times in cleveland, tennesse.11



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